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Expert Team on Data Rescue and Management


  1. Ms Nancy Westcott (USA, RA IV) co-lead
  2. Mr Denis Stuber (France, RA VI) co-lead
  3. Mr Husayn Ahmeed (Libya, RA I)
  4. Mr N'Koyi M'poh (Togo, RA I)
  5. Mr Nadeem Faisal (Pakistan, RA II)
  6. Ms Gao Feng (China, RA II)
  7. Ms Maria Skansi (Argentina, RA III)
  8. Ms Clara Oria (Peru, RA III)
  9. Mr Urip Haryoko (Indonesia, RA V)
  10. Mr Bruce Bannerman (Australia, RA V)
  11. Ms Petra Pearce (New Zealand, RA V)
  12. Mr Robert Allan (UK, RA VI)                                                              

Associated experts:

  1. Mr Richard Crouthamel (USA, RA IV)
  2. Mr Hermann Mächel (Germany, RA VI)  
  3. Ms Sylvie Jourdin (France, RA VI)
  4. Mr Stephen Palmer (UK, RA VI)




  • Oversee and monitor Data Rescue and Climate Data Management Systems activities worldwide and provide guidance on related implementation aspects.


Terms of Reference:


  • Oversee the implementation of the WMO international Data Rescue initiative;
  • Maintain and update a pool of experts and develop guidelines on expertise to help in implementing Data Rescue and CDMS projects;
  • Maintain and update CDMS specs;
  • Develop innovative approaches for monitoring climate data management implementation and certifying compliance with CDMS specification.




  • Evaluation and Monitoring of DARE using I-DARE portal;
  • Finalize CDMS Strategy and recommendations for collaboration with Members and the industry on the development of a WMO reference open-source CDMS;
  • Guidance and expertise for implementing data rescue and CDMS projects in the countries.




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