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Task Team on Homogenization (TT-HOM)

Terms of Reference

  1. Explore ways, building on the existing work, to identify the best performing, skilled and efficient homogenization methods and quality control procedures for the different climate essential variables and time scales (from monthly to sub-daily);
  2. Identify and evaluate currently available procedures and software for climate time-series quality control (e.g., identifying non-systematic biases in climatic records);
  3. Identify and assess skills and efficiencies of modern and innovative homogenization methods, to identify more robust and efficient methods including the associated software;
  4. Provide guidance to Members on methodologies, standards and software required for quality control of climate time-series, with a special focus on temperature and precipitation variables at the daily scale, but also explore existing quality controls for other variables and time-scales.


  1. Wilfrid Serge Raoul Likeba Louamba, Congo
  2. Ghulam Rasul, Pakistan
  3. Clara Oria, Peru
  4. Xiaolan Wang, Canada
  5. Matthew Menne, USA (co-leader)
  6. Blair Trewin, Australia
  7. Tamás Szentimrey, Hungary
  8. Victor Venema, Germany (leader)
  9. Jose Antonio Guijarro, Spain



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