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Task Team on the Use of Remote Sensing Data for Climate Monitoring (TT-URSDCM)

Terms of Reference

  1. Promote the use and assess the suitability in climatology of space-based data, radar data and data from other remote sensing platforms;
  2. Work closely with the WMO Space Programme, CBS, CIMO and GCOS on developing guidance for NMHSs and other user entities to benefit from remote sensing data and products and be able to properly and practically use them for climate analysis and monitoring and for the development of improved climate services.


  1. TBD
  2. Saviz Sehatkashani, I.R. of Iran
  3. Matilde Rusticucci, Argentina
  4. Brian Wardlow, USA (co-leader)
  5. Yuriy Kuleshov, Australia
  6. Rainer Hollmann, Germany (leader)


Upon its establishment, the team decided to focus its work on data from the following remote sensing techniques:

Weather Radar

The team collected examples of the use of Weather Radar data for climate applications:

  1. Draft report on the use of Weather Radar data for climate records in WMO Regional Associations IV and VI
  2. Draft report on the use of remote sensing data for climate monitoring in WMO Regional Associations II and V

The team is furthermore closely liaising with the CIMO-led Interprogramme Expert Team on Operational Weather Radar as well as the GCOS/WCRP AOPC Task Team on the use of weather radar for climate studies.

Lightning detection networks

  1. Thunderstorm and Lightning Climatology of Australia


URLs to example drought tools developed in the USA that characterize different parts of the water cycle:

Example of other remote sensing techniques

A paper on the use of GPS data, however, can be accessed here.

Relevant documents of the team's work can be accessed by clicking on the links above.




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