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CBS-CCl Inter-Programme Expert Team on Operational Predictions from Sub-seasonal to Longer-time Scales (IPET-OPSLS)


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Terms of Reference

  1. On the basis of requirements from Regional Climate Centres (RCCs), Regional Climate Outlook Forums (RCOFs) and NMHSs, and in the context of the Climate Services Information System (CSIS) of the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS), guide future development, outputs including, for example, the Global Seasonal Climate Update (GSCU) and coordination of components in the production of LRF. The components include Global Producing Centres (GPCs), Lead Centres for Long-range Forecast Multi-model Ensembles (LC-LRFMME), the Lead Centre for the Standardized Verification System for Long-range Forecasts (LCSVSLRF) and other relevant bodies generating and providing LRF products;
  2. Support CCl and CBS to collaboratively promote the use of GPC and LC forecast and verification products by RCCs, RCOFs and NMHSs, develop interpretation guidance to facilitate their use, and encourage feedback on usefulness and application;
  3. Support CBS in the implementation of a seamless GDPFS;
  4. Report on production, access, dissemination and exchange of LRF products and provide recommendations for future consideration and adoption by CAS, CCl, CBS, WCRP and other appropriate bodies;
  5. In consultation with relevant experts in CAS and CCl and with the CBS Expert Team on Operational Weather Forecasting Process and Support (ET-OWFPS), review developments in verification scores and practices with a view to updating the Standardized Verification System for Long-range Forecasts (SVSLRF);
  6. Assess applications for GPC status against the designation criteria and make recommendations on designation to CBS;
  7. Review the rules regarding user access to GPC and LC-LRFMME forecasts products;
  8. Review the status of sub-seasonal forecasting activities, and promote the availability and exchange of sub-seasonal forecasts and verification products;
  9. In close collaboration with WCRP, promote international cooperation and research on initialized predictions for timescales longer than seasonal and report on potential for operational predictions to CBS and CCl;
  10. Review the Manual on the GDPFS (WMO-No. 485) and propose updates as necessary concerning sub-seasonal and long-range forecasts.


The Expert Team shall comprise representatives from CBS and CCl to facilitate the necessary interactions and data flows between components of the CSIS. Team membership shall comprise representatives from GPCs and 2-3 CCl experts. In order to retain the existing focus on operational aspects, this team will report and propose amendments to the procedures and guidelines in the GDPFS to CBS through the ICT DPFS. Reporting to the CCl management group will be done by the members representing CCl, through the co-chairs of OPACE-3.

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