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CCl/CBS Joint Expert Team on Regional Climate Centres (ET-RCCs)

Meeting reports


Terms of Reference

  1. Steer work to help implement, designate and make effective operation of RCCs and RCC-Networks, including supporting RCCs to keep up to date on evolving or new research or operational developments and undertake additional highly recommended functions such as regional climate change projections;
  2. Identify and promote training needed to develop and deliver RCC products and services;
  3. Establish global standards for mandatory RCC products and services and their delivery, as well as standards for verifying forecasts and reporting of results; monitor performance of RCCs and propose improvements as required;
  4. Promote the use of GPC and RCC forecast products at regional and national levels and development of consensus-based forecasts, especially through mechanisms such as RCOFs;
  5. Oversee, guide and advise on key implementation matters for RCCs; advise president on applications for RCC designation in consultation with the relevant bodies of the regional associations and CBS.


  1. Khalid El Rhaz, Morocco
  2. Atsushi Goto, Japan
  3. Maria de los Milagros Skansi, Argentina
  4. Janita Pahalad, Australia (co-leader)
  5. Cédric Van Meerbeeck, BCT
  6. Valentina Khan, Russian Federation (leader)
  7. Artur Gevorgyan, Armenia
  8. David Jones, Australia (CBS Representative)
  9. Caio Coelho, Brazil (CBS Representative)




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