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Task Team on Regional Climate Outlook Forums (TT-RCOFs)

Terms of Reference

  1. Develop technical guidance for enhancing, strengthening and expanding of the RCOF process through improved and standardized methods, tools and operational practices as well as objective protocols for verification and assessments;
  2. Guide RCOFs to enable them to provide users with more consistent and regular information and products pertinent to their needs;
  3. Promote sustained operations of the existing RCOFs and expansion of the concept to other sub-regions in need;
  4. Introduce new methods and techniques in RCOF operations and new parameters to be predicted (e.g., products for hydrological applications), including regional climate change projections;
  5. Support capacity development efforts to enable improved contributions of NMHSs to the concerned RCOFs, and also better use of RCOF products for national purposes including National Climate Outlook Forums (NCOFs).


  1. Kolotioloma Alama Coulibaly, Côte d'Ivoire
  2. D.S. Pai, India (leader)
  3. Laura Aldeco, Argentina
  4. Patricia Ramirez, Costa Rica
  5. Michael Coughlan, Australia
  6. Jasminka Smailagic, Serbia





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