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Expert Team on Sector-specific Climate Indices (ET-SCI)

Terms of Reference

  1. Further develop the standardized software ClimPACT built during the fifteenth intersessional period, to generate sector-specific climate indices, including their time series based on historical data and methodologies to define simple and complex climate risks;
  2. Promote the use of globally consistent, sector-specific climate indices to bring out variability and trends in climate (e.g. droughts) of particular interest to socio-economic sectors, and to help characterize the climate sensitivity of various sectors;
  3. Develop the training materials needed to raise capacity and promote uniform approaches around the world in applying these techniques;
  4. Coordinate and lead regional workshops building on the experience gained with the initial workshop (Western South America, 2013);
  5. Extend ClimPACT set to include indices derived from other climate variables that are relevant for sector impacts.


  1. Fatima Zohra El Guelai, Morocco
  2. Toshiyuki Nakaegawa, Japan (co-leader)
  3. Amelia Diaz Pablo, Peru
  4. Adam Kalkstein, USA
  5. Lisa Alexander, Australia (leader)
  6. Gé Verver, Netherland


  • ClimPACT2: A downloadable R-software package developed by ET-SCI that calculates a wide range of sector-specific climate indices.

ClimPACT Workshops

ET-SCI jointly with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) holds a series of workshops on Enhancing Climate Indices for Sector Specific Applications in different regions around the world.

The purpose of these workshops is to introduce the ET-SCI indices of climate extremes to meteorological and sector participants and to demonstrate the utility of these indices in helping sectors respond to climate variability and change. This purpose is being achieved via the introduction of the ClimPACT2 software package to the participants, and the practical application of the software and indices, with several key introductions to sectors and sector indices by invited experts.

These workshops are seen as the beginning of a process, where users are only introduced to the ET-SCI climate indices and software. The participants will continue applying the knowledge and skill they received at this workshop in their home countries, and will continue communicating with each other and the resource persons via the online channels created by the WMO, and importantly. All participants will contribute to post-workshop peer-reviewed scientific publications analysing climate and sector data and generated indices for the concerned region.

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