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Expert Team on Climate Risk and Sector-specific Climate Indices


Terms of Reference (confirmed as of July 2011)

  1. Develop methods and tools including standardized software for, and to generate, sector-specific climate indices, including their time series based on historical data, and methodologies to define simple and complex climate risks;
  2. Promote the use of sector-specific climate indices to bring out variability and trends in climate of particular interest to socio-economic sectors (e.g., droughts), with global consistency and to help characterize the susceptibility of various sectors to climate;
  3. Develop the training materials needed to raise capacity and promote uniform approaches around the world in applying these techniques;
  4. Work with sector-based agencies and experts, including those of relevant WMO Technical Commissions, particularly CHy and CAgM, to facilitate the use of climate information in users' decision-support systems for climate risk management and adaptation strategies;
  5. Submit reports in accordance with timetables established by the OPACE IV co-chairs.


  1. Lisa Alexander (Lead) - Australia;
  2. Peiqun Zhang - China; zhang
  3. Elena Akentyeva - Russia;
  4. Amelia Diaz - Peru;
  5. Alexis Nimubona- Burundi;
  6. Toshiyuki Nakaegawa - Japan;
  7. Phil Thornton (ILRI); pthornton
  8. G. Srinivasan (RIMES);

OPACE II Ex-officio representatives to ET-CRSCI

  1. Xuebin Zhang  - Canada; XuebinZhang
  2. Albert Klein Tank - the Netherlands KleinTank
  3. Manola Brunet - Spain    Brunet

Expected deliverables

  • Poster
  • Meeting of the Expert Team (Tarragona, Spain, 13-15 July 2011)
  • A collection and analysis of existing climate indices with particular specific sectoral (Agriculture, water, health and DRR) applications at national and regional scales
  • Technical publication on climate indices for sectoral application in risk assessment and adaptation
  • Methods and tools, standardized software (based on the above-noted publication) and associated training materials required to produce sector-specific climate indices for systematic assessment of the impact of climate variability and change and to facilitate climate risk management and adaptation (to be done in collaboration with WMO Technical Commissions, particularly CCl OPACE II and with relevant agencies and organizations if required)
  • Proof of concept workshop (one region) on development and application of the indices
  • Workshop Report/Publication


Workplan (updated April 2012)







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