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Capacity Development (OPACE 5)

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The objective of OPACE 5 is to ensure that capacity development activities in CCl are inclusive, have the potential of being sustained, and dynamically evolve to meet emerging requirements. This component of CCl is jointly involved with the Education and Training Programme of WMO in the development of commonly applicable tools and methods for standardized training of climatology and climate services. OPACE 5 also seeks to strengthen the delivery of capacity development services through regional and institutional mechanisms.

Capacity Development is a major cross-cutting pillar of the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) that explicitly addresses institutional, infrastructural, procedural and human resource capacities. OPACE 5 considers this GFCS pillar as a foundation for the CCl strategy for capacity development covering the specific requirements identified by each OPACE, at the same time addressing other enabling elements of the requirements such as institutions, infrastructure and personnel.

OPACE 5 also identifies that there is a great potential to improve communication and outreach, through social media, particularly in the areas which deal with uncertainty in climate products, impending climate impacts, including their socio-economic implications; and communication between climate service providers and sectoral users.

Co-chairs: Tanja Cegnar (Slovenia) and Charlotte McBride (South Africa).


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