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Advisors on Social Media


Terms of Reference

  1. Manage CCl’s Facebook Page in coordination with the WMO Secretariat;
  2. Pioneer the use of other social media in CCl communication;
  3. Use social media to cultivate a CCl community;
  4. Use social media to educate the CCl community on important climate-related developments;
  5. Define procedures and guidelines for CCl experts to communicate through CCl social media channels, including how CCl experts manage their responsibilities to both their 'home' institution and WMO policies;
  6. Liaise with the WMO Communications and Public Affairs Office for a more efficient use of social networks and media policy in general in order to explore better ways of communicating climate-related issues;
  7. Provide a Guidance note on the role of Social Media in climatology based on the PWS experience.


  1. Laurentine Bidie Dzitoukoulou, Congo
  2. Irina Zaytseva, Uzbekistan
  3. Diana Dominguez, Argentina
  4. Heidi Cullen, USA
  5. Andrew Watkins, Australia
  6. Alexander Sterin, Russian Federation

Background information

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