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Expert Team on Infrastructural and Institutional Capabilities (ET-IIC)


Terms of Reference

  1. Identify the infrastructural needs that are most essential for NMHSs to provide the services expected under the GFCS;
  2. Provide descriptions and technical specifications of infrastructural needs for implementing the CSIS, particularly at the regional and national levels;
  3. Provide guidance on efficient institutional structures and arrangements required for NMHSs to support climate services, including processes, policies and procedures that enable effective climate services, as well as the essential relationships between different organizations and sectors;
  4. Endeavour to coordinate activities and potential resources to address infrastructural needs;
  5. Publicize this work (e.g., perhaps in an article for the WMO Bulletin) in an effort to enlist more support for it.



  1. Hani Mosbah Shtewi, Libya
  2. V.U.M Rao, India
  3. Edvin Aldrian, Indonesia (co-leader)
  4. Matilde Rusticucci, Argentina
  5. Wassila Thiaw, USA (co-leader)
  6. Mesut Demircan, Turkey

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