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Expert Team on Quality Management (ET-QM)


Terms of Reference

  1. Advise on priorities and approaches to develop and implement a strategy on quality management (QM) for climatology, with consideration given to experience gained in other Commissions on WMO-QMF;
  2. Report on best practices in QM in other disciplines and foster their adaptation to NMHSs, RCCs and other climate institutions considering the wide spectrum of levels of competency and sophistication in climate activities;
  3. Develop an integrated concept for implementation of QM in the areas of climatology;
  4. Propose CCl reference documents and practices as candidate subjects for developing new common ISO/WMO technical standards;
  5. Consider writing a section of the Guide to Climatological Practices on quality management in climatology and make recommendations as to whether this is a good idea or not, and, if it is, how best to go about creating one. Pay attention to the similar work the Commission for Hydrology is engaged in so we can leverage off their accomplishments.


  1. Fatima Zahra Bensaid, Morocco (Leader)
  2. Huanping Wu, China
  3. Barbara Tapia, Chile
  4. Willis Mills, Trinidad and Tobago
  5. Helen Tseros, Australia
  6. Yilmaz Açar, Turkey
  7. Charlotte McBride, South Africa

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