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World records on weather and climate extremes


The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Commission for Climatology (CCl) decided to appoint a Rapporteur on climate extremes to keep an official, unbiased list of world weather extremes. WMO Commission for Climatology experts agreed to  establish a set of procedures such that existing records are verified and made available to the general public and those future weather extremes records are verified and certified. This initiative led to the establishment of an authoritative WMO-CCl data base on world weather and climate extremes.

The goal of this database is to archive and verify extreme record events, such as the highest/lowest recorded temperatures and pressures on the Earth, the strongest winds, the greatest precipitation (over different time intervals) as well as records involving the world's most destructive storms, hurricanes and tornadoes. Consequently, the WMO-CCl extreme weather and climate archive includes, as much as possible, the metadata, such as date of occurrence, site location, equipment and other factors, associated with the event. A data base is hosted by the Arizona State University (ASU) in USA and can be accessed at a dedicated WMO-CCl/ASU web site.


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