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Meeting of the WMO Commission for Climatology
Task Group on Future WMO Climate Database Management Systems

Geneva, 3-5 May 2000

WCDMP-46 General Report (All files in PDF format)

 Annex 1:  List of Participants
 Annex 2:  Opening Remarks
 Annex 3:  Provisional Agenda
 Annex 4:  Preliminary Analysis of the Responses to the
                  Questionnaire on WMO Future CDMSs
 Annex 5:
 Annex 6:  Some Views on Database Models
 Annex 7:  Open-Source Database Management Systems
 Annex 8:  WMO Climate Database Management System Evaluation Criteria
 Annex 9:  WMO Members Offering to Make Their CDMSs Available
for Use by Other Members
 Annex 10: The Future of Climatic Data Management Systems






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