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Report of the CLICOM-DARE Workshop

San José, 17-28 July 2000

Report of the CLICOM-DARE Workshop Report


Report of the International Data Rescue Meeting

Geneva, 11-13 September 2001

Annex 1: Adopted Agenda
Annex 2: Project Plan for Data Rescue of Climate and Hydrological data
Annex 3: List of Participants
Annex 4: DATA RESCUE BY IDCC  -  Lessons Learned
Annex 5: Climate Data Rescue in Africa
Annex 6: Dare Activities in Region II
Annex 7: Data Rescue Activities in Vietnam
Annex 8: Meteorological Data Rescue in RA III
 Annex 9:
Annex 10: Report on DARE Pilot Projects in Region IV
Annex 11: Report on DARE Activities in Region V
Annex 12: Report of Météo-France on DARE Activities with Data of African Countries
Annex 13: ARCHISS Report
Annex 14: Hydrological Data Rescue Pilot Project in Africa






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