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About the WMO Antarctic Activities

Purpose and scope

The WMO Antarctic Activities (WMOAA) Programme coordinates meteorological activities in Antarctica carried out by nations and groups of nations. Within the framework of the Antarctic Treaty, it focuses on the interfaces between these activities and relevant WMO Programmes, in particular the WWW, and aims at meeting the requirements for meteorological services as well as for environmental monitoring and climate research. 

In the broader framework of the development of the World Weather Watch  in Antarctica, the programme contributes to enabling the provision of increasingly beneficial weather, water, climate and related environmental services to the public, governments and other users/customers throughout the world and to observing, recording and reporting on the weather, climate and the related natural environment as well as to using these data for the preparation of operational forecast and warning services and related information, and to maintain and enhance systems to exchange these data, products and information.  It also contributes to working more effectively with international partners, other relevant organizations, and academia.

Main long-term objectives

The main long-term objectives of the WMOAA programme are:

(a) To coordinate implementation and operation of the basic systems of the World Weather Watch to meet the requirements for meteorological services and research activities in the Antarctic, including monitoring of climate and environment;

(b) To collaborate with other international organizations and programmes in Antarctica in order to ensure a coordinated and cost-effective scientific and technical programme.




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