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Instruments and Methods of Observation Programme


Date Published

Newsletters and Circular Letters

June 2003 CIMO Newsletter, June 2003
April 2003 CIMO Newsletter, March 2003
December 2002

CIMO Newsletter, December 2002

December 2001  Circular Letter No.4 from the President of CIMO
March 2001  Circular Letter No.3 from the President of CIMO
              Appendix C:  List of members of CIMO (as of Dec. 2000)
March 2000  CIMO Newsletter - Edition March 2000
   -Annex I:   List of members of CIMO
   -Annex II:  Inquiry Form
   -Annex III: List of exhibitions
November 1999  Circular Letter No.2 from the President of CIMO
January 1999  Circular Letter No.1 from the President of CIMO


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