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Technical Document No. 778



  Complete Document (in development)
bullet Section 1 - Introduction to the RSMC specialization for the provision of atmospheric transport model products for environmental emergency response and/or backtracking
bullet Section 2 - Arrangements for requesting and receiving atmospheric transport model products from an RSMC
bullet Section 3 - Aim of an atmospheric transport model in connection with numerical weather prediction (NWP) model (scientific information)
bullet Section 4 - Users' interpretation guide for atmospheric transport model products provided by RSMCs
bullet Section 5 - Annexes
  bullet Annex 1 -Regional and global arrangements for the provision of transport model products for environmental emergency response
  bullet Annex 2 - Contacts for

- Designated RSMCs for nuclear accidents and radiological emergencies and International Organisation

- Designated RSMCs with specialization in atmospheric transport modelling for environmental emergency response and/or backtracking and International Organization


Annex 3 - Request forms for WMO RSMC support from Delegated Authority and IAEA and examples of completed forms


Annex 4 - Information on RSMC models and specific outputs

  bullet Annex 5 - Scenarios demonstrating RSMC support for ERA
  bullet Annex 6 - Principles of environmental emergency response exercises
  bullet Annex 7 - Announcement about a planned EER exercise

Note: Annexes 8 to 12 were produced following CBS-Ext. 2006. The ET-ERA is addressing the developlement of procedures for the provision of RSMC services to support NMSs for non-nuclear/non-radiological emergencies

  bullet Annex 8 - Guidance on response to chemical incidents - definition of requirements concerning chemical incidents
  bullet Annex 9 - Role of national meteorological services (NMSs) in response to chemical incidents
  bullet Annex 10 - Guidance for development of the interface between a national meteorological service and other emergency response agencies in case of chemical incidents
  bullet Annex 11 - KNMI experience in setting up an emergency response organization on serious chemical accidents
  bullet Annex 12 - Procedures to integrate and activate NMSs/RSMCs in case of chemical incidents or forest fires


Updated 6 May 2014



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