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Manual on Codes (WMO-No. 306)

Part A - Alphanumeric Codes
Part B - Binary Codes,
Part C - Common Features to Binary and Alphanumeric Codes
           Tables and templates
           FM 94 BUFR edition 3/FM 95 CREX edition 1
           WIGOS Station Identifier (formal approval will be through the fast-track procedure)
Regional Codes and National Coding Practices

Guidance materials to Table-Driven Code Forms

Guide to WMO Table-Driven Code Forms
Guide to FM92 GRIB edition 2 (November 2007)   
Guide to WMO Binary Code Form GRIB 1
Introduction to GRIB Edition 1 and GRIB Edition 2
The WMO Table Driven Codes (June 2000)  

Migration to Table-Driven Code Forms

Status Report on Migration to Table-Driven Code Forms (MTDCF) (PR-6868)
        Ar, En, Fr, Ru, Sp
Migration of upper-air reports to BUFR (PR-6855)
Ar, En, Fr, Ru, Sp
Latest Migration Matrix, November 2010 - Annex XI/CBS Ext. (10)
Procedures for insertion of TDCF bulletins and termination of TAC bulletins
Procedures for assigning a location indicator for TDCF bulletins converted by an RTH
Test BUFR messages generated by conversion from SYNOP bulletins
       Guide/3 BUFR (updated instruction)/synop2bufr.f

Further information and technical supports for migration

Code related bodies and activities within CBS

IPET-DRMM (Inter-Programme Expert Team on Data Representation Maintenance and Monitoring)
   TT-BUFR (Task Team on BUFR)
   TT-GRIB (Task Team on GRIB)
   TT-DSM (Task Team on Data Standards Monitoring)
   TT-AvCI (Task Team on Aviation Coding Issues)
IPET-MDRD (Inter-Programme Expert Team on Metadata and Data Representation Development)
   TT-MDI (Task Team on Metadata Implementation)
   TT-APMD (Task Team on the Application of Metadata)
   TT-DMR (Task Team on Data Modelling and Representation)
   TT-AvXML (Task Team on Aviation XML)
Focal points for WMO Codes and Data Representation Matters
Commission for Basic Systems (CBS) related meetings
Final reports of CBS-ISS/WDM related meetings



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