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FM 94 BUFR edition 3 and FM 95 CREX edition 1


The fifteenth session of the Commission for Basic Systems (CBS-XV) (Jakarta, Indonesia, 10-15 September
2012) agreed the BUFR edition 3 and the CREX edition 1 should be removed from the Manual on Codes,
Volume I.2 (WMO-No. 306) and retained on the WMO Website as follows.   The Commission reviewed the decision by the CBS-XIII to withdraw BUFR edition 3 and CREX edition 1 on the
first Tuesday of November 2012. It agreed that BUFR 3 and CREX 1 should be removed from the Manual on Codes, and
requested that the Secretary-General ensures that the definitions were retained on the WMO Website so that archived
data could still be referenced. The Commission noted that the exchange of information in BUFR Edition 3 (for specific
purposes such as aviation) and CREX Edition 1 would continue beyond November 2012, but also encouraged Members
to convert to software that can handle the later Editions.

The editions below are extracted from the Manual on Codes, Volume I.2, 2011 edition updated in 2012.




   Code and Flag Tables associated with BUFR/CREX Table B (nothing speciific to BUFR edition 3 or CREX edition 1)
   CREX Table D - List of common sequences (nothing specific to edition 1)





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