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Attachment I - Examples of templates for the transmission in BUFR or CREX of other data types

For specific surface observations

For maritime data

TRACKOB data (TM308010)

For aviation code data

METAR/SPECI and TAF (TM307051, TM307056)
Aircraft reports data
    single level standard AMDAR reports (TM311005);
    single level AMDAR data - a more complex template (TM311010), version 7;
    aircraft ascent/descent profile suitable for AMDAR profile data (TM311008, TM311009);
    old AIREP report in BUFR

For satellite observation

For miscellaneous data

RADOB data - Part A: Information on Tropical Cyclone (TM316050)
CREX sequences for coding Squall Lines in West Africa (TMD16060, TMD16061)
Template for passing locust information (TM302089)
Tropical Cyclone Tracks derived from EPS (non-TM, validated)

For Other CREX Template Examples - from the Manual on Codes





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