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Explanation of Data Designators T1T2A1A2ii CCCC
Data type designator T1 Matrix Table for T1T2A1A2ii definitions
Instructions for the proper application of the data type designators


T1 Data type T2 A1 A2 ii Priority
A Analyses B1 C1 C1 ** 3
B Addressed message *** *** *** *** 1/2/4*
C Climatic data B1 C1 C1 ** 4
D Grid point information (GRID) B2 C3 C4 D2 3
E Satellite imagery B5 C1 C1 ** 3
F Forecast B1 C1 C1 ** 3
G Grid point information (GRID) B2 C3 C4 D2 3
H Grid point information (GRIB) B2 C3 C4 D2 3
I Observational data (Binary coded) - BUFR B3 C6 C3 ** 2
J Forecast information (Binary coded) - BUFR B3 C6 C4 D2 3
K CREX C7 C7 C3 ** 2
L Aviation information in XML B7
* 1/2/3
M -

N Notices B1 C1 C1 ** 4
O Oceanographic information (GRIB) B4 C3 C4 D1 3
P Pictorial information (Binary coded) B6 C3 C4 D2 3
Q Pictorial information regional (Binary coded) B6 C3 C5 D2 3
R -

S Surface data B1 C1/C2 C1/C2 ** 2/4*
T Satellite data B1 C3 C4 ** 2
U Upper air data B1 C1/C2 C1/C2 ** 2
V National data (1) C1 C1 ** (2)
W Warnings B1 C1 C1 ** 1
X Common Alert Protocol (CAP) messages
Y GRIB regional use B2 C3 C5 D2 3
Z -


Priority level:
1 is allocated to service messages
2 is allocated to data and request messages
3 is allocated to seismic waveform data (T1T2 = SY)
4 is allocated to "administrative messages"
** See paragraph for definition and use.
*** See paragraph 2.4.2 for definition and use.
(1) Table B2 or national table.
(2) To be determined.
NOTE: CLIMAT TEMP is not recommended for operations. See the Abridged Final Report with Resolutions and Recommendations of the 2010 Extraordinary Session of the Commission for Basic Systems (WMO-No. 1070).

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