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Explanation of Data Designators T1T2A1A2ii CCCC
Geographical designators A1A2 for use in abbreviated headings T1T2A1A2 ii CCCC YYGGgg
for bulletins containing ships’ weather reports and oceanographic data including
reports from automatic marine stations
Instructions for the proper application of the level designators

(1)  The first letter A1 will denote the nature of the ship or automatic marine station:
  For ocean weather stations: W
  For mobile ships and other marine stations: V
  For floats (T1T2 = SO): F
(2) The second letter A2 will denote the area from which the reports contained in the bulletins originate.
(3) Whenever practicable, separate bulletins should be prepared to avoid the use of the letter X.
  Note: For T1T2=SZ, A1A2 area designator from Table C1 should be used.


Designator Geographical Area
A Area between 30°N - 60°S, 035°W - 070° E
B Area between 90°N - 05°N, 070°E - 180°E
C Area between 05°N - 60°S, 120°W - 035°W
D Area between 90°N - 05°N, 180°W - 035°W
E Area between 05°N - 60°S, 070°E - 120°W
F Area between 90°N - 30°N, 035°W - 070°E
J Area between 60°S
X More than one area

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