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Historical  Background of the Tropical Cyclone Programme


  • 1971 The WMO Tropical Cyclone Project was initiated by Sixth Congress in 1971 in reposnse to Resolution 2733 (XXV) of the United NAtions General Asembly. A Plan of Action proposed by the former Executive Committee Panel of Experts on Tropical Cyclones forms the basis of the activities.
  • 1972  WMO establishes the Tropical Cyclone Project in response to a call for international action to mitigate the harmful effects of tropical cyclones brought about by the disastrous 1970 Bangladesh storm. At the time together with ESCAP, it was co-sponsoring and providing support for the work of two inter- governmental regional organizations, the Typhoon Committee and the Panel on Tropical Cyclones.
  • 1974  A working group of WMO's Regional Association for Africa (RA I)-the Tropical Cyclone Committee for the South-West Indian Ocean was set up.
  • 1978  A second working group, that of WMO's Regional Association for North America (RA IV) - the Hurricane Committee - was established.
  • 1979  WMO's Eighth Congress decided to upgrade and widen the scope of the TCP project to become the WMO's Tropical Cyclone Programme in 1980.
  • 1980  WMO Tropical Cyclone Project becomes the WMO Tropical Cyclone Programme
  • 1981  A Plan of Action for the TCP was drawn up, approved by the WMO Executive Council and published, as requested by Congress.
  • 1985  A third working group, this time of WMO's Regional Association for South-West Pacific (RA V) - the Tropical Cyclone Committee for the South Pacific and South-East Indian Ocean - was established.
  • 1994  The TCP office in the WMO Secretariat was upgraded to become the Tropical Cyclone Programme Division, while remaining as a part of the WWW Department.
  • 2008  Under resturcturing of the WMO Secretariat, TCP Division was shifted as a part of the Weather and Disaster Risk Reduction Services Department.





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