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WIGOS Communications and Outreach Documents

WIGOS at Cg-17 (25 May - 12 June 2015)
Side event: WIGOS Pre-operational Phase

Introduction (S.Barrell)

Presentation on WIGOS for Item-4.2.2(1) (S.Barrell)

Regional and National Perspectives (T.W.Sutherland) Deliverables and timelines (L.P.Riishojgaard)

Side event: OSCAR Project Demonstration

OSCAR - A key element in WIGOS and RRR (B.Calpini)

Need for OSCAR in WIGOS and the RRR (W.Zhang)

Atmospheric chemistry in OSCAR (Ø.Hov)

Why is OSCAR needed (CBS perspective) (J.Dibbern)

OSCAR/Surface development and implementation (J.Klausen)

OSCAR/Surface, Vol. A, and the WMO Members (L.P.Riishojgaard)
Side event: WIGOS Implementation in RA I

Zimbwabwe (A.Makarau)

Tanzania (A.Kijazi) Côte d'Ivoire (D.Konate) Congo (A.Kanga) World Bank (M.Suwa; V. Tsirkunov)
WIGOS  OSCAR Analysis    OSCAR Surface    WIGOS Metadata
WIGOS (Cg-16)
WIGOS Implementation
WIGOS Communications and Outreach Strategy
WIGOS Standard Presentation
 WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS) (WMO Bulletin, Volume 62 (2) 2013)
The WMO AMDAR Observing System: Benefits to airlines and aviation
The Benefits of AMDAR Data to Meteorology and Aviation
Information related to national WIGOS implementation

Observing System Strategy (OSS)  Video (185 MB)   Strategic Plan 2010-2015

Data and Information Framework  Data and Information Framework   Flyer

External (third-party) Observations Data Implementation Study (O&I Observations Strategy– July 2015)

Netherlands Observations Strategy KNMI

Application of WIGOS principles at MeteoSwiss

Classification Procedure for Automatic Weather Stations


WMO Integrated Strategic Planning Handbook (WMO-No. 1180)

Project Management Guidelines and Handbook




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