WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS)
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Inter-Commission Coordination Group on the

WMO Integrated Global Observing System (ICG-WIGOS)

In accordance with Resolution 23 (Cg-17) – Pre-operational Phase of WIGOS, EC-67 (2015) (Resolution 8 (EC-67)) and EC-68 (Resolution 5.1(1)/2)) re-established the Inter-Commission Coordination Group on WIGOS (ICG-WIGOS) with updated Terms of reference.

The Council decided that composition of the ICG-WIGOS will be as follows:

  • First Vice-President of WMO and representatives of CBS and CIMO as co-chairpersons of ICG-WIGOS;
  • one representative of each WMO Regional Association, designated by its president;
  • one representative of each WMO Technical Commission, designated by its president;
  • EC focal points: First Vice-President of WMO, President RA VI, D. Konate, and T. Sutherland;
  • Experts nominated by EC: Ercan Buyukbas (Turkey), Giancarlo Pedrini (Italy) and J. Arimatea de Sousa Brito (Brazil).

ICG-WIGOS is authorized to establish its WIGOS Editorial Board, sub-groups and task teams as and when required, taking into account resource limitations.



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