WIGOS readiness

As per EC-69 indicators and as at 1 June 2019

Criteria Estimation method
1. Governance CPDB
2. Partnerships (NMHSs and non-NMHSs) CPDB
3. OSCAR information system
3.1 Nr. of stations updated OSCAR
3.2 Nr. of stations with complete record of WMDS OSCAR
3.3 Nr. of trained staff CPDB & OSCAR trainings
4. Nr. of stations reporting with the WIGOS Station Identifier (WSI) WIS
5.1 Process CPDB
5.2 Availability WDQMS
6. WIGOS NFP nominated CPDB
7. OSCAR NFP nominated CPDB
8. WDQMS NFP nominated CPDB
9. Implementation plan CPDB